Maha Spiritual Detox


“ I am sluggish ” said the body
“ I’m bruised ” said the Heart
“ I’m on a roller coaster ride ” said the Mind

THE SPIRIT SAID : “ I’ll help you find your path ”

The fear, burden, anxiety, guilt, grievances, hatred, jealousy, low self esteem & various other negative emotions that we carry within us, can be a strong imprint from our past lives.

Since our soul came into creation, it had an objective for its journey into various life times, which we could call as a Soul Plan or Lesson.

Based on these designs, we fabricate diversified experiences, situations & circumstances in our lives. During this course we may have interacted with various incidents / people etc to whom we could have sub consciously got attached to & energetically got contaminated & unknowingly carried their energies to various other life times.

Detoxification is about releasing the old & welcoming the new at all levels of our being.



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