Rajesh Bapodara

Born and brought up in Porbandar – the birth place of Mahatma Gandhi, our founder & Managing Director Mr. Rajesh Bapodara, a farmer’s son daringly went to Dubai in 1998 and entered the gold and diamond business to begin shaping his aspirations. After getting the grasp of this industry and honing his consulting and marketing skills, Rajesh began a new refreshing journey in 2008 and helped build several entrepreneurs in Gujarat. Sensing the massive potential of e-commerce business; in 2014, Rajesh sowed the seed of with one dynamic move and began his dream to provide comfort and motivation to people’s heart with this e-venture. Through, Rajesh has the mission to reach everyone through his writers, speakers and trainers and help everyone discover their attractive streak that already lies within them.



Shalini Gaba

Shalini is A Motivational Speaker and brings out the inner leader in people. She also has extensive knowledge in Card reading, Hypnotherapy,Aura Reading,Whole Brain Integration technique,And Mainly Sound and Music Therapy.



Dr. Rahul Pendse

At age 42 ,Dr Rahul has a work experience since 1997 in fields of Health ,Medicine & Fitness. Has worked in general and critical care . Trained in Martial Arts , Bodybuilding & Yoga since 1991. Has done graduations,post graduations,certifications in Medicine,Ayurveda,Naturopathy,Fitness Management Personal Training (ACSM),Advanced Dietetics & Nutrition,Medical Nutrition Therapy,Sports Nutrition, .
Is the Founder of The “ProActive Lifestyle Program”,which is an smooth amalgamation of everything mentioned above,helping an individual lead himself towards excellent health. Using his expertise & experience he has designed the holistic PLP,with a combo of a customized lifestyle, nutrition & exercise program,which tends to individual requirement,irrespective of one’s busy schedule,and if applied can give excellent results in terms of Good Health,Progressive Fitness & a Great Body Composition( Lean Body Mass-Fat Ratio). Many people have achieved exemplary results by using his PLP.

Fashion Designer


Priyanka Saha

Priyanka has a keen interest in fashion and lifestyle and loves to blog about it. She believes that one should be always well dressed and deceive its fear and triumph over the opportunities with their self-confidence and determination and belief in oneself. She believes that the current generation is more assertive and more playful with fashion unlike the 80’s and 90’s. It is important as one’s style talks a lot about their own individuality and impacts their first impression. So she is keen to share her knowledge she gained through extensive traveling and also her knowledge about fashion which she adapted from the street style to the red carpets. She comes from a background of image management and has worked with various lifestyle and fashion brands. With her years of experience she started her personal blog and now you can read her on Beattractive.



Mukta Tolani

Mukta Tolani is a leading nutritionist based in Mumbai.

Study & practice of Health, Fitness & holistic diet & lifestyle has been her passion ever since she was in secondary school. After graduation, she has done her Diploma in Nutrition & Dietetics. Apart from her interest in nutrition, she has also studied & practiced Yoga at The Yoga Institute & Yoga Vidya Niketan in Mumbai. She has also studied Fitness Management & is a certified Fitness expert.

Her passion for Nutrition & Fitness motivated her to take this up as her life’s work. She has had the good fortune of working closely for over 4 years with some of the leading names in the wellness industry . She has also trained the Cabin crew of Kingfisher Airlines & Air-hostess academy. She has also done a Diploma in Yogic education from Yoga Vidya Niketan (Padmashri Nimbalkar Guruji)

She has been working independently since 2009, as a Nutrition & Fitness consultant . It isher passion to consult people for fitness & nutrition & to see them achieve their fitness &weight loss goals! Apart from one to one consultations she has also done several group workshops.


Sonic 03


Sonic has been a travel explorer last 15 years, across India, Asia and Middle East. His love for Sufi music, fusion and rhythms connected him deeply to his Indian roots. During his extensive travel, he discovered Psytrance music in 2006 in GOA and fell in love with this music which had Indian roots and vibes. He saw immense potential in this music. Psytrance was more than music for him where he realised that we could connect to our inner soul and love ourselves and discover more. From then on, it has been a long journey learning the music with his research and understanding the subtle nuances of the music. His draws his inspiration from his favourite artists – 1200 MICROGRAMS, LIQUID SOUL, ACE VENTURA, SPHONGLE, INDRA, ASTRIX, VINI VICI and NEELIX.

He has played with top Psytrance acts such as Z-Cat, Suntribe and Triptone. Having played to packed dance floor, if trance is your soul, you will Trance N Dance to his beats and frequencies named SONIC.



Meena Joshi

Meena Joshi is a Master in fusion yoga and also a Yoga expert who specializes for back pain, knee pain, inch loss, toning, and PCOD.. But also she is aspecialist in Thereaupatic Massage.


Harshwardhan Shetty

Ambitious since an early age, even before completing his graduation, he started temporary stints that helped him gain experience.Now With, Harshwardhan Shetty aspires to share his knowledge on fitness and easy life hacks that could help the audience to live a healthier life.



Marvie Ann Beck

Marvie Ann Beck is India’s Award winning celebrity makeup artist and hair stylist.

With over 20 years of experience, her makeup is sought after by Bollywood celebrities, fashionistas, and other celebrities in the entertainment/media industry.

Marvie is also the only Indian Makeup artist to have worked with 2 Oscar Winner Actresses such as Hilary Swank and Cate Blanchett.


Ever wondered who’s behind the makeup of several Bollywood celebrities such as Aishwarya Rai, Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Sonam Kapoorand many others?

Marvie has worked with them all and more. Plus, a legion of trainers prepare and launch their careers to get into the Bollywood industry thanks to Marvie’s makeup academy in Mumbai.


Her ex-students have gone on to become leading makeup artists themselves, nationally and internationally.

A few of them are Namrata Soni, Seema Jerajani, Venus Ferreira, Sanjay Thakker, Nileysh Parmaar, Puneet Saini, Shailesh Moolya, and many others.


While she is known for her Dewy, Glamour, Cover Girl, Smoky eyes technique, eye lash techniques, and Bridal (ethnic and western) and 3D/4D Dimensional techniques, she’s also known for High-definition makeup using various contemporary tools such as light reflectors, cosmetics with organic ingredients.

She brings the best of fashion, hairstyling, and makeup, complete from the historical greats such as Marilyn Monroe. She is also an expert trainer on makeup for movies, wigs, theatre, fashion, corrective, and camouflage makeup.

Relationship Expert

Ashna - Profile Picture 2 (1)

Ashna Ddhannak

Ashna Ddhannak is the Founder, Director and Owner of “ENLIGHTENING LIFESTYLE ” which is a Miind Wellness Boutiique offering various Holistic solutions & Guidances.

Ashna Ddhannak is also a Holistic Life Coach, Intutive Guide and a Metaphysical Philosopher.

On her journey of self discovery and personal growth, Ashna has evolved spiritually and transformed herself with amazing courage, strength and conviction through the healing art of reconnecting body, mind and spirit.

She truly believes that ” Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure”

The universe wants everyone to succeed. Expect your every need to be met. Expect the answer to every problem. Expect abundance on every level. Everyone has an element of that universal power within them through which they can transform themselves in remarkable ways.




Dr.G V Rao has been in the industry for over three decades in various high profile positions with multiple verticals across different regions of GCC with various MNC brands. Over the course of his extensive career, he has made meaningful contribution to the industry. He has been known in the GCC for his 100% success rate from all the projects that he has executed with clear tangible results. He has always mastered all his projects and they are well received by the community. He has also received numerous awards and nominations for outstanding projects executed for various MNC brands in the GCC. He has been selected as one of the Top 10 Managers in the Middle East for 3 consecutive years by ITP-ACN and also selected twice as Top 20 CIOs in the Middle East by Forrester Group. He has been the first recipient of ACN’s Editor’s Choice Award for an outstanding contribution over the years in the community and a prominent figure in the magazines and has been featured several times on the IT magazine’s cover page such as ACN and Network World. read more…

Arbitrator, Former General Manager, BHEL - Maharatna Company of Govt of India, Mechanical Engineer from DCE, Marketing Professional, Worked Extensively in Solar Energy based Systems; Freelance Editor, Writer, Counselor, Soft Skills Trainer and Motivational Speaker

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Rakesh Malik

Born and Schooling from DAV, Shimla
Mechanical Engineer from Delhi College of Engineering;
Former General Manager BHEL- Maharatna Company largest engineering company in India, Arbitrator for BHEL, Marketing Professional, Freelance Writer, Blogger,Counseler and Soft Skills Trainer. Travelled widely across India and abroad.