10 effortless manicure ideas to make your short nails look pretty!

1 year ago

Maintaining long nails in our hectic lives can be a task, especially when one has to do the household chores, use the computer or has a job that has to be done manually. The fear of our nails chipping or scratching off constantly haunts us. Having short nails is undoubtedly the best option.

So all the ladies out there, read on to find out pretty ideas to pamper your short nails and make them look gorgeous.

  • Polka Dots


The smaller the polka dots the better it will look. It will give a nice bubbly look to your hands.


  • Nude Nail Paint


Rush to your nearby store and get yourself a nude nail paint that matches your skin tone, if you don’t own one. It is a must have nail paint for your collection.  Nude nail paints make your nails look longer and gives a chic look to your hands.


  • Nail Stickers


Buy cute nail stickers and apply them on your nails after applying a base. The smaller the sticker the better, as it occupies less space and makes your nails look longer.


  • Reverse French Manicure


Evidentially, doing a French manicure with short nails does not seem the best option. But doing a reverse French manicure will give a similar look to your fingers and looks natural too at the same time.


  • Outline Manicures


Outline your nails with a dark colour nail paint after completing your base. It will make your short nails look bolder and you’ll surely be able to show them off.


  • Studs


What can be classier than getting a pretty little stud done on one of your fingers. It is a cute accent for shorter nails.


  • Floral Designs


Get tiny flowers done on your nails to give your nails a floral look. Make sure they do not take up a lot of your nail space. It will only make your nails look untidy then. You can also do a reverse French manicure with floral designs.


  • Glitter


Glitter makes everything look gorgeous. Never underestimate the power of glitter on short nails.


  • A complimentary colour


Paint one of the fingers with a different colour than the rest. Use a colour that compliments the other.


  • Metallic polishes


Last but not the least, metallic nails gives a very royal look. Classy, chic and trendy it will definitely give your nails the look they deserve.


Pamper your nails and let your nails talk this season. Short nails can your hands look way cuter than the long nails ever will!


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